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GIPMD seeks to become the best and most reliable training institution, by ensuring its commitment to the highest ethical standards, credibility, quality, and excellence in training and development.

What is GIPMD?

It is an independent professional institution that provides comprehensive training solutions that meet the needs of trainees, wherever they are. We offer specific and high-level professional training standards with the aim of advancing training and development to the highest levels.

It is a training institution licensed in USA and UK. The name GIPMD is an abbreviation for the “Global Institute for Projects Management and Development.
The word “Development” was appended to denote the institution’s area of work – Education, Development & training.

Our Mission

To enhance quality, credibility, and excellence in training and development by working on building the personal and technical skills of GIPMD, and by offering the highest levels of training to contribute to the success of their businesses.

Our Vision

GIPMD seeks to become the best and most reliable training institution, by ensuring its commitment to the highest ethical standards, credibility, quality, and excellence in training and development.

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand

Values and principles

Best Industry Leaders

To provide a friendly atmosphere aimed at promoting excellence in high-level training, and unrivaled services by offering GIPMD clients the best training experiences

Work in a team

To listen to the trainees and work with them as one team in order to design, develop, and launch training services that fit their needs


To achieve impressive results by activating the Franchise Network in GIPMD and reinforcing teamwork among our staff

Professional Certification

To turn GIPMD into the best training institution, by focusing on the development of our staff and the success of the trainees, trainers, and administrators at GIPMD.

GIPMD, through specialized and reliable programs in training and development, seeks to:

Training Standards

  • Deliver the highest technical and human resources skills through trainers who enjoy the highest levels of professionalism, and the adoption of the highest training standards

Trainees Guidance

  • Provide GIPMD trainers with the necessary guidance, and training strategies, standards, and programs to develop their professional competence

effective training skills

  • Promote the methodological study of effective training skills, its processes, and principles

Service Center

  • Work continuously with trainees before, during, and after training through “GIPMD Trainee Service Center.” The training process does not end with the conclusion of the training program. It practically starts after it.

Modern Research

  • Apply the findings of modern educational research in order to provide opportunities for social and intellectual interaction between trainers and education professionals


  • Grant GIPMD certification, which are degrees awarded to individuals who meet or exceed the specified criteria. These are granted solely by GIPMD-certified trainers.

Our Training Services

Public Training program

GIPMD’s training programs have been developed and are continually updated, based not only on…

In-House Training

Most of the training programs listed in training areas can be offered “in-House” in English and are then designed to…


Course completion certificate 

Global institute of project management and development

Commitment to quality training

GIPMD is committed to the provision of high-quality training programs and highly professional trainers. It grants certification to professionals in Projects Management, The Management Systems (ISO Systems), and the human resources, and technical fields based on recognized standards of training, expertise, and ethical behavior.

GIPMD supports training through the provision of leadership, recognition, and excellence. GIMPD trainers must meet strict criteria to qualify for approval at our institution. (See trainer accreditation standards)

That’s not all. In order to ensure adherence to the standards and philosophy of GIPMD in training, our trainers remain under the supervision of GIPMD. Also, all franchisees constitute an integral part of GIPMD. They commit to preserving the philosophy and service standards of trainees and trainers to maintain the motto of quality training through its application and to adhere to high training and ethical standards. 

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GIPMD trainee satisfaction

Maintaining a high level of satisfaction among our trainees is a key goal of GIPMD. Customer satisfaction and retention are the main prerequisites for the success of our work. In order to achieve these goals, GIPMD seeks to maintain a strong channel of communication with its trainees.

Temporary or apparent trainee satisfaction is not a goal in itself. We aim to ensure that our trainees have learned and benefited from the training programs attended at GIPMD, and have utilized their knowledge at work and in society. Furthermore:

  • GIPMD upholds its commitment to quality and excellence standards
  • GIPMD enjoys ethical standards and maintains the confidentiality of all customer information
  • GIPMD assures that its trainers possess the necessary change skills to inspire change among trainees and satisfy them
  • GIPMD provides detailed descriptions of available training programs and services and regular updates regarding any changes in investment values and program dates
  • GIPMD seeks to establish a clear relationship with trainees, especially with regard to the benefits s/he is to expect after attending any given training program
  • GIPMD follows up on the results of its products and services to trainees and contacts them periodically to review and discuss their work, progress, and orientations.
  • GIPMD reimburses its trainees or compensates for any lost money or time caused by any problem faced at a training program or through a service
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