Membership of GIPMD aims to lead members in the engineering community through communication, developing fruitful relations, and enhancing cooperation between current and prospective members to reach effective collective action.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership gives candidates a distinct identity and a high position at the global level
  • Membership is an accurate indication that a candidate has the capacity and resources to provide quality in his or her major.
  •  Membership increases opportunities for acquaintance and exploration of new cultures
  • Membership qualifies the candidate to participate in the GIPMD’s activities (professional workshops, training courses, and innovative works)
  •  Membership qualifies members (trainers) to nominate them to conduct internal and external training within their specializations
  • Membership enhances the candidates’ professional, managerial, and personal value and achieves their goals.

Membership Beneficiaries

  • Engineers 
  • Industrial
  • Constructors
  • Managers and Operators
  • Instructors, Trainers, and Teachers
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Electrical & Energy

Membership Certification Procedure

Global Institute of project management and development

Once the candidate has chosen the membership program, the attached application must be filled out, answered accurately, and send to us, followed by a list of required documents and CV that our team uses to verify the application.


Within five working days after applying and supporting documents, our team will contact the candidate to clarify the membership request.

The competent committee conducts a review and evaluation of the candidate’s application to ensure that it complies with our membership criteria and then notifies the candidate to accept or reject the membership application.

After the committee’s approval, the candidate will receive an official approval letter of membership and includes a message of congratulation; after that, the candidate must pay the certificate fee to be issued and sent to our new member.

Choose Your Membership